THC Skittles – 400mg

THC Skittles – 400mg


Truly taste the rainbow with these delicious treats! The Skittles you know and love with an added kick! Each pack comes with 20 pieces. Try all your favourite flavours! Note: This is a low THC product and perfect for micro-dosing throughout the day. This is not meant for a long-term high. These products are not infused with THC but instead use a technique to spray THC distillate directly onto the product resulting in approximately 400mg per pack.


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What edible dose is right for me?

The right dose of weed edibles is different for everyone. Start with a small dose, especially if it’s your first time or it’s been a while since you’ve used cannabis. Each person’s response to a dose of edible cannabis can vary significantly, more so than with other medications or herbs. The “standard dose” is considered 10 mg, but someone new to cannabis or with low tolerance should start with half of that. Trial-and-error is an integral part of finding the perfect dose for a great experience, just remember to start low and slow. Read more: Cannabis Edibles Dosing Chart: Find the Right Dose

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Medical Benefits: Insomnia, Depression, Chronic Pain

Effects: Happy, Creative

Flavors: Berry, Sour,  Citrus, Strawberry,